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246 E Saginaw St
East Lansing, MI, 48823
United States


Controlled atmosphere modules to extend the preservation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms

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About Us

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Mr. Pierre Janny,
Founder of Janny MT


After 15 years of research & development on controlled atmosphere technology with technical research centers in France, Mr. Pierre Janny established the Janny MT company in 2009, in the Burgundy region of France. The Janny MT technology was tested with producers and growers during development to ensure premium quality.

What started as a tarp to cover the products has evolved over the years to become what we now know as the “controlled atmosphere bin”, with the patented Tiempo Cap with semi-permeable membranes which makes extended storage possible.

The JMT bin is patented in 80 countries, making Janny MT the only company providing and distributing this unique storage solution in the world.

Today the module is a recognized and appreciated product used by hundreds of growers worldwide.

In 2015, Janny MT expanded its operations to the U.S. market – after having implemented a branch in Canada two years before – and so was born JMT US LLC.

JMT US LLC is a dynamic company managed by a team of experienced agronomists, dedicated to providing a technical and valuable assistance to fruit and vegetable professionals.

Our mission 

Flexibility - Quality - Profitability

The mission of JMT US is to:

Improve preservation of fresh products to maximize the quality and profits of growers and other fruit and vegetable professionals.

In order to accomplish this, we use our Tiempo Cap lids with semi-permeable membranes to create a controlled atmosphere. The lids are paired with 610 or 730 liters standard industrial boxes to meet the demand of fruit and vegetable professionals (growers, shippers, importers, processors…) for long term storage with better-end products.

Our aim is to offer controlled atmosphere equipment that is easy to use, accessible and adaptable to a wide range of fresh products.

Company vision

JMT US aims to work directly with fruit and vegetable professionals, and not through distributors. We want to give you the best possible experience with our bins, thus we are available to provide support and answer questions 24/7. Our company also manages the manufacturing of our products, meaning we can stand behind their quality, durability and effectiveness. All of our products are submitted to quality control before being brought to market.

The research & development is an important asset of our company. We continuously invest in our research unit in France to ensure that our products are state of the art and respond to the needs of our clients. Fruits, vegetables and other food items are continually being tested.

Janny MT modules in use worldwide