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Controlled atmosphere modules to extend the preservation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms

Airtight Storage

JMT US LLC offers airtight storage solutions composed of multiple individual airtight modules. They are available with two bin sizes (610 and 730 liters), each one coming with a specifically designed airtight lid. This is truly the ideal solution for your specific needs of storage and/or transport, to obtain a natural protection against pests, moisture, dust, light...

Airtight Modules

Airtight Modules

The Airtight 610 and Airtight 730 storage and transport bins are completely tight modules, designed to offer the best possible storage conditions for a wide range of sensitive products, from dry foods to art pieces to seeds to electronic devices… The complete air and liquid tightness of our modules also make them an ideal solution for the management of waste, pollutants or hazardous products.

O2 Absorber

O2 Absorber

Obtain anoxia inside the modules with our O2 absorber.



Use a depressor with the Airtight 610 for the processing and storage in brine of pickles, olives, mushrooms, sour cherries, etc…

Airtight Modules

For every sensitive product

Installation of Airtight 610 modules

The storage and transport modules are completely airtight lidded bins designed for a wide range of sensitive products, from dry foods to art pieces to seeds to electronic devices… and are also an ideal solution for the management of waste, pollutants or hazardous products.

The two versions of our airtight equipment have a capacity of 610 or 730 liters, can be stacked on several heights, and can be used for storage, processing and transport.

The JMT US flexible multipurpose air / watertight solutions are used in numerous business sectors: industrial, food-processing, agricultural, olive growing, wine, logistics, waste, etc.
Thanks to their various characteristics they offer multiple possibilities of: 

Storage of sensitive products

  • UV-rays proof (opaque module)

  • Dust / sand / water-proof (Airtight and watertight module)

  • RFID tags can be used to control/ monitor temperature and moisture levels; monitoring data received thanks to a specific data analysis software.

Food industry

  • Soaking into brine (pickles, olives, mushrooms, sour cherries, etc.)

  • Recycling of perishable food (yogurt, biscuits, etc.)

  • Curing of meat and cooked meats

  • Food processing (food-grade bins)

  • Preservation of products sensitive to oxidation (fresh cheese, walnuts,etc.)

Collection and/or transportation

  • Fluids and liquids (leak-proof lid)

  • Pet food

  • Containments (polluted products, batteries, solvents, etc.)

  • Safety (possible options to ensure a safe transport)

All the airtight modules offer the possibility to add a seal, padlock, secure thread, etc., to ensure optimum security.

O2 Absorber

O2 absorber sachets

JMT US gives you the possibility to store in anoxia using the O2 absorber sachets.

The oxygen absorber sachets will allow you to:

  • Eliminate O2 inside the module

  • Avoid oxidation

  • Kill all insects and microorganisms

  • Improve the conservation of commodities, especially in terms of organoleptic qualities

  • Store very sensitive products, such as works of art

This is a great asset for storage in the food industry, museums or other industries whose products are sensitive to oxygen.

This product is guaranted food-grade.


If you wish to use our airtight 610 modules for the processing and storage of your olives, pickles, cherries, etc., in brine, JMT US offers the optional brine depressor to use inside the modules.

This feature will ensure that your produce remains fully covered with brine in order to avoid oxidation or mold.

Brine depressor for the process of olives, pickles, sour cherries...

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