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Controlled atmosphere modules to extend the preservation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms

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Breakthrough technology to extend the preservation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms

Breakthrough technology to extend the preservation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms

Storage Process Using the JMT Module

 Controlled Atmosphere Principles


The controlled atmosphere in the modules is a completely natural process. There are no additional gases or modifications required since the produce in the module is able to naturally absorb oxygen once the modules are sealed.

The atmosphere is stabilized by a passive diffusion through the 6 patented membranes of the Tiempo Cap lid. The membranes release the CO2 to avoid intoxication and allow minimal amounts of O2 into the module, maintaining a low level of oxygen for respiration.

Because different types of produce need different gas exchange levels, the amount of gas exchange can easily be reduced or increased to reach the optimum preservation standards thanks to red caps that stop the flow of gasses. Thus, the same module can be used for various types of produce by adding or removing caps over the membranes on the lid. Adjusting the module is a quick and easy process.

optimum module conservation with obstructing red caps

Produce can now be stored much longer inside your cooler. Thanks to the controlled atmosphere, you are able to double the time your produce can be stored fresh. Each module is independent and designed to be stacked; they can be stacked up to nine-high.

When the module is closed, the relative humidity inside it remains at nearly 100%, which prevents significant weight loss during storage. The water retention is fundamental for preservation and to maintain the freshness of fruits, vegetables, flowers or mushrooms. With the Janny MT module, product remains fresh, for example apples lose less than 1.5% of their weight after 6 months of storage.

Closing and opening the module is a very easy process, done by hand and takes less than 10 seconds.

For successful storage

  1. The product must be harvested at the appropriate ripening stage for long storage, maintaining the quality for controlled atmosphere storage.
  2. Once the produce has been harvested, let it first cool down before closing the module so that the produce core reaches the storage temperature.
  3. Clip the Tiempo Cap onto the bin to seal the module completely. The storage process can then begin.
  4.  Routinely measure the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels to monitor the storage conditions and keep track of levels using a table. This can be done with the Tiempo Test Silver gas analyzer.
  5. Before selling the product, a re-adaptation phase is necessary. The Tiempo Cap must be opened the day before sales and the produce must be kept in the cooler.
 Modules installation inside a cold room

Modules installation inside a cold room