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Controlled atmosphere modules to extend the preservation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms

Controlled Atmosphere Storage

JMT US LLC offers innovative and breakthrough equipment of controlled atmosphere composed of several individual controlled atmosphere units – the modules, available in two versions – designed to be set up inside a regular cold room; and a gas analyzer to monitor gas levels inside the modules to ensure a successful and easy storage.  

Controlled Atmosphere Modules

Controlled Atmosphere Modules

The JMT modules with their respective Tiempo Cap lids are designed for controlled atmosphere storage of fruits, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms thanks to their membranes that maintain the respiration of the product. They are designed for the preservation of living materials.

Gas Analyzer

Gas Analyzer

A device designed specifically to be used with Janny MT modules. It measures the concentration levels of O2 and CO2 inside the module.

CO2 Absorber

CO2 Absorber

Some fruits are more sensitive to CO2, this is why JMT US offers Hydrated lime Ca(OH)2 bags. These bags are particularly recommended for the preservation of certain varieties of pears and apples in JMT Controlled Atmosphere modules.

Controlled Atmosphere modules

JMT CA modules 610 inside a cold room

The controlled atmosphere module is our core business.

Over 60,000 modules are currently used in more than 35 different countries worldwide.

Both versions of our CA modules are standard size, stackable and very long-lasting.

A JMT CA module is made of two parts: a rigid plastic bin and a “Tiempo Cap” lid. The two versions differ on the bin size (610 or 730 liters) and on the number of membranes on the lid (6 or 9), but both perfectly suit to store fruits, vegetables, flowers or mushrooms in natural controlled atmosphere.

The stored produce will maintain balanced O2 – CO2 levels with its respiration thanks to the patented membranes that reduce the penetration of O2 inside the modules and easily let CO2 out. Thus, no electricity or gas addition is needed; this is a completely natural process.

You can use the same module for different produce at different times of the year. For instance, you can store asparagus, then cherries, then chestnuts, etc. Besides, it can also be used to keep produce for shorter times as it is a great way to maintain freshness and crispiness without weight loss.

The modules allow you to:

  • Get a comparative advantage on speculative markets

  • Store products sensitive to CO2 thanks to a carbon dioxide absorber

  • Spread your sales on a longer period
    and retain your clients

  • Adopt a new strategic preservation and master your own marketing and distribution.

  • Extend the storage time in your cold room

  • Store and make a sale at any time

  • Reduce weight loss caused by dehydration

  • Maintain product freshness and crispiness

  • Preserve product quality and flavor during storage
    and transport

See storage times other growers have obtained with our products:

Gas Analyzer

Tiempo Test Silver

Tiempo Test Silver Gas Analyzer

JMT US also offers a device designed specifically to be used with JMT modules. It measures the concentration levels of O2 and CO2 inside the module to ensure an optimum preservation within the modules.

By regularly monitoring the gas levels inside the modules, you are assured of a worry-free and successful conservation. The red or green caps can be placed or removed from the lid in order to maintain balanced gas levels. 


  • Portable

  • Samples 12 to 14 mL of gas

  • Electrochemical cell for O2

  • Infrared sensor for CO2

  • Able to save the last 100 measurements

  • Easy to calibrate for accurate reading

  • English or French

CO2 Absorber

CO2 Absorber bag

Some types of produce are more sensitive to CO2 than others, and one needs to be extra careful when it comes to preserving them. At JMT US, we strive to offer you the best controlled atmosphere storage experience possible inside our modules. Keeping this in mind, we provide a 22 lbs Hydrated lime Ca(OH)2 bag to place inside the modules with the fruits to help regulate the CO2 levels so that the produce can have a longer preservation, without altering its quality.

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