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Controlled atmosphere modules to extend the preservation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms

"Apples with better quality": new testimony

Source: News

"Apples with better quality": new testimony

Benoit Janny

Testimony of Winn Schulteis, Quaker Valley Orchards,
fruits & vegetables grower in Biglerville, PA

“I use controlled atmosphere modules to store different fruits and vegetables, for example by now I have asparagus, strawberries, and apples. For apples, I store several varieties, some Fuji, Pink Lady, Gold Rush, Honey Crisp and Crimson Crisp.

The modules allow me to keep the apples for at least four additional months, without needing to change the way we work, as we just had to integrate the cooling step before closure of the lids, and readaptation after opening, that was easy to get adapted.

The main interest of this equipment is that it allows to keep longer the quality of the apples, especially the crisp and the taste for varieties like Honey and Crimson Crisp. And so, when I am on a farmers market, in Baltimore or Washington DC, I can offer apples with a better quality comparing to other growers, and that helps for the relation with the clients. I believe that my regular clients come back more regularly, and also that it allowed me to attract new ones. Keeping the quality longer also gives the possibility to sell larger volumes through retailing and less through wholesale. Given the price difference between the two, I am really winning with this.

I would advise this equipment to other growers, for apples and also because it can be used with a good range of products, fruits and vegetables. I am really satisfied of it, and I plan to soon complement my installation with additional modules.”

Thanks to his CA boxes, Win can sell more volumes through retailing, and obtain +$2.09/lb. compared to wholesale.

More apples testimonies to come on next week in our newsletter !

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