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Controlled atmosphere modules to extend the preservation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms

Testimony of an organic fruit grower in California

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Testimony of an organic fruit grower in California

Benoit Janny

Guy Allard, in Westley, CA, grows quite a wide range of fruit. He uses controlled atmosphere bins for apples, pears, cherries and plums. He accepted to give us his feedback, hope you enjoy reading!

Guy Allard_USA_Californie_pomme&poire.jpg

“I became aware of the JMT US CA Bins in an Ag Publication a couple of years ago. I was looking for a way to keep and store my apples & pears longer and retain the quality. I took a chance and so far I have stored apples, pears, cherries and plums as well.
As far, the ability to store fruits longer has brought many benefits to my farm. First of all, I have been able to maintain the quality of my products better. My fruits remain the same through time. Without the bins I can store some of my fruits in regular cold storage for a long time but I end up throwing much more away and what is left is poor quality. The second big advantage for me is the opportunity to sale all my fruits through retail with flexibility. On large crops years, I might wholesale some fruit but now I can choose the most profitable market.
For the apples, I have not had a proper experience yet due to demand. I have been able to store Comice Pears at least 2 months longer, cherries for 3 weeks and a late variety of plums 3 months (2 months more!).
I am really satisfied with my purchase of the JMT US CA Bins. Some years, I may not need to use all of them but it is always nice to have them in case. I know they will be useful.
I would recommend these to other growers like myself working on a small or mid-sized farm. The use of these bins depends on what you grow and what you want to store, but for sure they are a quality product.
The people of JMT US have been very helpful with any questions. They are a great customer support and have been very helpful with any questions. They are very quick to get back to me.”