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Controlled atmosphere modules to extend the preservation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms

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Table grape Newsletter

Benoit Janny

After a short extract last week, hereunder you will find the complete version of our latest Newsletter, about table grape. Hope you enjoy reading!


5 months storage: new table grape testimony

Benoit Janny

5 months storage for table grape, keeping a green stem: testimony of a South-Western France grower about the interests of storage in controlled atmosphere modules:

“I use the Janny controlled atmosphere modules for the storage of Muscat and Chasselas grapes, I am satisfied with this equipment. I use it to store grapes up to almost 5 months, from September to January-February.

The key point with the modules is to reserve the long-term storage to healthy and clean grapes. It is the same about the stem quality: if it is green at the beginning of the storage, then when the lids are opened we find back a green stem.

To me, the main interest is to be able to extend my sales period: thanks to storage in the modules I can keep on selling grapes when others do not have anymore, and that is really interesting from the economic point of view. Especially because at these periods, we can sell at higher prices.

The other big asset of the modules is that it is an equipment that can be used multiple times during the year with different commodities. I use them for table grape, but also for cherry, plum, apple, apricot, and as a consequence the investment is more rapidly depreciated.

This is a storage solution that I can easily advise to table grape growers.”


New product for our cut flowers range : Peony

Benoit Janny

We are glad to inform peony growers that they can now rely on controlled atmosphere modules to smooth their production peak and extend their season. The last trials gave successful, very positive results, and confirmed that peony's stems are perfectly adaptating to the storage in CA boxes: up to 8 weeks preservation with qualities maintained! Contact us if you want to know more.

"Interesting to work with growers that have this equipment"

Benoit Janny

Testimony of a technical & quality manager working for the marketing desk of a growers' association:

“We are a growers’ association based in Isère region (France), that gather 25 growers/packers over four departments (Ardèche, Drôme, Isère and Loire). It has its own sales company that markets the productions of its 25 members, and among them, several are equipped with Janny MT controlled atmosphere modules. From our point of view, it is pretty interesting to work with growers that have this equipment. For example, with Williams’ pears it works out well for us because it allows us to spread out the packing period, and so we can extend the sales period.

We work with growers that produce from 200 to 700 tons of pears, and large controlled atmosphere rooms with capacities of hundreds of tons do not suit well for the size of our organizations. Being able, during several weeks, to daily open 300 kg storage units is really interesting, considering that the quality of the pears is maintained in the modules, it allows us to satisfy our clients.

With cherries too this equipment looks interesting, not necessarily to extend the sales period, but already to ensure the continuity of our offer during the production season. If ever the weather conditions make harvest more difficult during several consecutive days, having growers that have put cherries in CA modules allows to use a buffer stock, and so to keep on selling on a regular basis. We encourage our growers to invest in this equipment, so that together we are able to answer this kind of issue, and to satisfy our clients’ demands if bad weather happens during picking up time.”

JMT US_pears storage.JPG

Snapshots from our booth on GLE

Benoit Janny

Last week we were at the Great Lakes Expo, in Grand Rapids MI. Here are some snapshots of our booth. We would like to thanks the organizers, and all the growers and partners who came to visit us! We had a great time there, with lots of fruitful discussions.

JMT US_GLE debrief_1.jpg
JMT US_GLE debrief_2.jpg
JMT US_GLE debrief_3.jpg
JMT US_GLE_Benoit.jpg
JMT US_GLE_Thomas.jpg